Have you been eating out just a bit too much lately? I bet those fast food calories have been slowly adding up in your system. Give yourself a break today, and go green! Let me welcome you to a nice and simple grilled chicken salad. This salad that you see above looks delicious, doesn’t it? It’s actually quite easy to make. Plus, it’s healthy and most importantly, BUDGET FRIENDLY!!

First of all, of course, you would need some lettuce. I chose red leaf lettuce because it was healthier than pure green ones.

Second, you would need some chicken breast. You can get pure chicken breast literally at any nearby grocery store.

Third, is a salad dressing of your choice.

There are actually many different ways to make this chicken salad:

1. Boil, then grill.

  • Boil the chicken breast first in a pot of hot water along with some salt, pepper, chopped garlic cloves, and chicken bouillon for about 30 minutes. This will also leave you with a nice and tasty chicken soup! You can save the soup for later use, or just drink it right away if you need a hot pick-me-up.
  • The next step is to season the chicken breast with some salt and pepper, then grill it on a pan with some vegetable oil for about 5-7 minutes on each side. Remember not to grill it for too long, because your chicken breast is already cooked! You just wanted to add some color and grilled flavor.
  • When you are done, simply cut the chicken into strips and toss it over your washed and cut lettuce.
  • Last step is the easiest. Just drip on some of your favorite salad dressing, and enjoy.

In the picture above, I used Ken’s Steakhouse Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.

2. Just grill.

  • Season your thawed chicken with salt and pepper, or whatever seasonings you prefer.
  • Grill it on a pan with vegetable oil for about 15 minutes on each side on low heat. Just make sure you don’t burn your chicken!

There are also many other ways to make grilled chicken, but these are our favorites. For all you Foreman Grillers out there, here’s a great opportunity to bust that baby out! Whichever way you choose, we know your wallet (and arteries) will be thanking you.

Happy weekend to all, enjoy!

Posted by: Virginia To, Blog Admin/Designer

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Posted by: Daniel, Analytic/SEO

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