Hellooo Hungry Students!

I am excited to report that the boyfriend cooked me salmon for dinner tonight because I was super tired after coming home. It turned out to be AMAZING, so I asked him to write a guest post for us! Make sure to be on the lookout for that recipe soon. 🙂

Now, back to the corn salsa! As I mentioned earlier, I was pooped after coming home today because I’ve been prepping for a BBQ that my business club had for its members. We did a Chipotle-inspired setup with lemon-cilantro rice and all sorts of toppings, but my favorite topping from today was the corn salsa I made with my friend Wendy! It was a major hit, and out of all of the toppings, it was the first one to run out! Boo, no leftovers for me to take home. 😦

But, good thing it’s super cheap and simple to make! Here’s the recipe I used:


The only hard part about this is the chopping up of all the vegetables!! Me chopping vegetables is reminiscent of a scene out of the Saw movies, so I let Wendy take care of that for me, while I threw together all the ingredients and added the seasonings according to taste. If you like the corn salsa they serve at Chipotle, I’d say this is almost an exact dupe!

Eat this with chips, in a wrap or a salad, or simply by itself! You don’t have to make a tray-full like we did, but if you make a bit more, this salsa could last you a few meals/snacks and it won’t cost you more than $5-6 to make!

***Added Bonus: The colors look absolutely divine together!

Posted By: Amy, Editor

Alright, so I realize this restaurant may be a bit far (Menifee, CA), but have your taste buds ever experienced the drool-worthy deliciousness of Texas Roadhouse?! Over my 3-day long weekend, I was able to visit home, and to my surprise my mother took me and my brother out on a “Mother and Sons” date. I definitely was not complaining. As college students, most of us know that when the fridge is empty, that’s when it is time to go home home.

Our Destination? Texas Roadhouse! Texas Roadhouse is a pretty big institution, and is located in Menifee, California. For those of you living closer to the Moreno Valley area, it’s just straight down the 215 South highway. To be honest, I was expecting the bill  to be way more expensive than I could afford on my own budget; however, I was surprised when the total for a complete meal for 3 was UNDER $46. (And that’s including the tip!) To be exact: 2 Ice Teas, 1 water, 1 BBQ Brisket Sandwich with Loaded Bacon and Cheese Fries, 1 enormous platter of a Juicy 12 oz. Steak and a 1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, and who can forget the free BOTTOMLESS Biscuits?! Yeah, you heard right, bottomless biscuits served on your command. I swear, I practically ruined my appetite before dinner was even served with just the biscuits alone (>.<). With just 2 entree orders and the biscuits, my mother, brother and myself were able to fill our stomachs to complete satisfaction by the end of the night.

If you have the time, I would definitely recommend you try this restaurant. It’s not everyday you can find a decent BBQ restaurant in Southern California…aside from Phil’s BBQ I mean. From what I saw, it would be a great place for a date too! The environment and atmosphere was very welcoming, and the service there was top notch. So, from one hungry student to another, all I can say is, “Enjoy!”.

Posted By: Victor Chang, Marketing

Looking for a place to stuff yourself with a bunch of meat at a cheap price?
Well,  for the price of $8.99 you can have all you can eat Mongolian BBQ at Mongolian BBQ!
You can find this restaurant at:

25155 Sunnymead Blvd
Ste G-1B
Moreno Valley, CA 92553

They have a good selection of meats, veggies, and especially sauces. They also have rice and noodles that you can throw into the mix (ask the cook for rice, or rather they will ask you).

My first time ever eating at a Mongolian BBQ place was near campus (UCR). I was taught by my friend the art of packing meat and making a vegetable tower. The price of that place was about the same as the all you can eat, with what I believe was the same quality. I no longer have to see the cooks shake their heads in disapproval, and I can now enjoy eating a filling meal at a cheap price.

Posted by: Daniel, Analytic

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