Cheap and Tasty Curry!

February 25, 2012

Craving for some curry? Don’t want to spend too much on food?

Well I’ve got an answer: Curry House Coco Ichibanya at Diamond Plaza in Rowland Height’s.

I recommend it because you can actually choose the level of spiciness or amount of rice for you order, and the price will change according to your choice. Besides, the curry there is not pricey since it only costs around $7-8 comparing to Curry House’s curry which costs around $11-12.

So for example, I went last time with my roommate and ordered a Chicken Cutlet Curry which costs $7.49. I really love to eat spicy food, so I increase the spiciness of the curry which I believe added $.50; I usually can not finish the rice in the curry, so I changed my rice amount to small which subtracted ~$.50 to my bill.

I think this is a more customer-oriented store, and the food is really good too. The waiter there is Japanese, and he’s super friendly. Including tips, you can have a great customized curry meal with great customer service with only $10 bucks!!

Posted by: Crystal Xu, Editor

Alright, so I realize this restaurant may be a bit far (Menifee, CA), but have your taste buds ever experienced the drool-worthy deliciousness of Texas Roadhouse?! Over my 3-day long weekend, I was able to visit home, and to my surprise my mother took me and my brother out on a “Mother and Sons” date. I definitely was not complaining. As college students, most of us know that when the fridge is empty, that’s when it is time to go home home.

Our Destination? Texas Roadhouse! Texas Roadhouse is a pretty big institution, and is located in Menifee, California. For those of you living closer to the Moreno Valley area, it’s just straight down the 215 South highway. To be honest, I was expecting the bill  to be way more expensive than I could afford on my own budget; however, I was surprised when the total for a complete meal for 3 was UNDER $46. (And that’s including the tip!) To be exact: 2 Ice Teas, 1 water, 1 BBQ Brisket Sandwich with Loaded Bacon and Cheese Fries, 1 enormous platter of a Juicy 12 oz. Steak and a 1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, and who can forget the free BOTTOMLESS Biscuits?! Yeah, you heard right, bottomless biscuits served on your command. I swear, I practically ruined my appetite before dinner was even served with just the biscuits alone (>.<). With just 2 entree orders and the biscuits, my mother, brother and myself were able to fill our stomachs to complete satisfaction by the end of the night.

If you have the time, I would definitely recommend you try this restaurant. It’s not everyday you can find a decent BBQ restaurant in Southern California…aside from Phil’s BBQ I mean. From what I saw, it would be a great place for a date too! The environment and atmosphere was very welcoming, and the service there was top notch. So, from one hungry student to another, all I can say is, “Enjoy!”.

Posted By: Victor Chang, Marketing

Need a Helping Hand?

February 18, 2012

Helloooo budget foodies! Today I’d like to introduce you to my little friend, Hamburger Helper. Now I know you’ve all seen the cheesy commercials on TV, but this product really is delicious and incredibly easy to make!

All you need is a box of your choice of Hamburger Helper, some water, milk, and of course ground beef. As you can see in the picture, my favorite flavor is called Stroganoff. A box of these will only cost you about $1-4 dollars, depending on where you buy it and whether or not it’s on sale. If you decide you’re a fan, stock up on these like I do when I see that red price tag hanging from the display!

The steps are all on the back of the box, but here is my rendition (in non-culinary terms) for the Stroganoff flavor:

  1. Brown the beef, meaning you cook it until it looks medium brown…
  2. Drain out the excess fat and juices from the meat, leaving the meat in your pan.
  3. Then, add in the water, milk, and powder mix that comes with the box. Stir it all up together and “make it happy”, as Emeril Lagasse would say. At first, your concoction of STUFF may look  gross and a bit watery, but no worries!
  4. Add in the uncooked pasta from the box into your pan, and mix well. Stir occasionally on high heat and you’ll see everything thicken, and come together nicely.
  5. Last but not least, simply place a cover over the pan and let simmer for about 10 minutes. Again, stir here and there to make sure it doesn’t  clump up and that’s basically it. Your precious meal is complete!

This meal is super fast and easy, and can feed up to 3 people! 

For a healthier option:

  • Substitute ground beef for ground turkey
  • Use 2% or skim milk instead of whole milk

All that’s left to do is enjoy 🙂

Posted by: Virginia To, Blog Admin/Designer

Elephant Bar Happy Hour

February 12, 2012

The creation of “happy hour” is amongst God’s greatest gifts to men…or to college students at least. Ironically, my personal abuse of happy hours is starting to hurt my wallet instead of comforting it, but that’s because I’m on a quest to find the best happy hours in the Inland Empire to share with you folks.

This past week’s search led me to the Elephant Bar by Galleria at Tyler. My boyfriend and I were in the mood for some drinks and a quick snack before our movie date, and a friend recommended for us to come here. I had eaten at Elephant Bar during regular hours before, but the food was pretty pricey and I never had a reason to go back. Of course, this was before I discovered their happy hour, which is AMAZING! Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. From top left to right, here’s what we ordered: green tea ginger spritzer (non-alcoholic), buffalo chicken strips, sweet potato fries, and Blue Moon. All this came out to less than $15! (not including tip) And we still had chicken strips left over for the next day.

Here’s a picture of the Happy Hour food menu. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the side with the drink deals.)

My favorite happy hours at Buffalo Wild Wings and Kabuki Japanese Restaurant definitely have some competition now. The portions here are huge, and the prices just make this deal that much better.

Posted by: Amy, Editor

Korean BBQ on CAMPUS?!?!

February 8, 2012

Yummy Food on Campus!

Yup, you read correctly! Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 8th and 9th) the well known Christian organization KCCC (Korean Campus Crusade for Christ) is having a 2 day Korean BBQ sale by the Bell Tower from 10AM to 3PM. The prices for these babies will be $5.50 for a tray and $6.00 for a tray & drink combo.

So if you’re craving some good Korean BBQ and don’t want to drive out too far to satisfy that craving, this is one heck of a deal. I know I’ll be making sure to stop by tomorrow after my midterms, will you?

Get more involved in to campus activity by helping out KCCC BBQ sale =)





Posted by: Victor, Social Media Marketing

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