OBJECTIVE: To minimize food costs without sacrificing taste and our active appetites!

This blog is passionately managed by 8 college students trying to feed their hungry tummies while being – if you’ll allow us to be honest here – POOR. We are food lovers and explorers on a budget, and this is a peek into our continuing quest for budget-friendly restaurants, cheap groceries, and home-cooked meals that won’t break our skinny wallets. There will be plenty of trials and errors (we can promise you that), but ultimately this blog is about sharing and learning from you, our readers.

Blog Administrator/Designer – Jonathan George, Virginia To
Social Media Marketing – Victor Chang, Christina Wang
Editors – Amy Tsang, Crystal Xu
Analytic/SEO – Ryan Ng, Daniel Hoshina


We are a group of undergraduate students at the University of California, Riverside. We created this blog as a team project for one of our classes. Any views or opinions presented in this blog are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the University of California, Riverside.

One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. renxkyoko said

    Oh, wow ! This is cool.

    Greetings from California !

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