Elephant Bar Happy Hour

February 12, 2012

The creation of “happy hour” is amongst God’s greatest gifts to men…or to college students at least. Ironically, my personal abuse of happy hours is starting to hurt my wallet instead of comforting it, but that’s because I’m on a quest to find the best happy hours in the Inland Empire to share with you folks.

This past week’s search led me to the Elephant Bar by Galleria at Tyler. My boyfriend and I were in the mood for some drinks and a quick snack before our movie date, and a friend recommended for us to come here. I had eaten at Elephant Bar during regular hours before, but the food was pretty pricey and I never had a reason to go back. Of course, this was before I discovered their happy hour, which is AMAZING! Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. From top left to right, here’s what we ordered: green tea ginger spritzer (non-alcoholic), buffalo chicken strips, sweet potato fries, and Blue Moon. All this came out to less than $15! (not including tip) And we still had chicken strips left over for the next day.

Here’s a picture of the Happy Hour food menu. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the side with the drink deals.)

My favorite happy hours at Buffalo Wild Wings and Kabuki Japanese Restaurant definitely have some competition now. The portions here are huge, and the prices just make this deal that much better.

Posted by: Amy, Editor


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