$5 FebruANY at Subway!

February 2, 2012

So Subway usually has a monthly $5 footlong; however, this month ANY regular foot long is only $5 plus tax! For you Subway newbs out there, that’s basically all their subs except for two! So hurry in to Subway, as this deal will only last til the 29th of February.

When I went to take advantage of this deal today, I first ordered the steak and cheese, but the worker warned me that there really isn’t much meat on that one so I got the chicken and bacon ranch melt on flat bread (my favorite bread there) instead. I topped it with provolone cheese and asked for marinara sauce (free!) to be spread on top before toasting it. I added a couple of vegetables and topped it off with some extra parmesan cheese. For five dollars, I must say it was a damn good value. If you can’t finish a footlong by yourself, just show your friends some love by sharing a footlong together!

My $5 footlong sub. The picture definitely doesn't do the sub justice.

Posted by: Daniel, Analytic/SEO


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