The Homemade “Dinner for 2” Special! :D

February 1, 2012

Sitting bored at home on a Saturday evening? Hungry and craving a satisfying, hearty, yet healthy meal? And who can forget the whole “man, I can’t afford to go out to eat again” situations. Well, fear not my fellow budgeteers! There’s a way out of all these dilemmas that’ll satisfy your stomach, save you money, and you maybe even impress that special someone. Groceries can cost a fortune  and unfortunately, that fortune is something we just don’t seem to have. Buying in bulk (i.e. at Costco/Sam’s Club) however, can stock you up with groceries for the next week or two, and ultimately save you some extra cash for your other needs.

Rib-eyed steaks with a dash of seasoning and some bacon-wrapped asparagus slapped on a grill was what I had in mind. I won’t lie, I did go a little overboard with the bacon-wrapped asparagus, but hey? Who can say no to bacon? Even if it is turkey bacon. I don’t know about you, but 35 calories per serving over 103 calories per serving is a win situation for me any day! To put it simply, I was able to feed both myself and that special someone while impressing, satisfying, and keeping it healthy. Oh and BTW, I still have enough leftover steak, asparagus, and bacon to last for at least 2 more “romantic” dates (with the same girl, of course). Hope she doesn’t mind the repetition (>.<). I mean jeez… 2-3 dinner dates for just under $35 means she’ll get to cash out on my bank account with all her other needs, right?


Posted by: Victor, Social Media Marketing


2 Responses to “The Homemade “Dinner for 2” Special! :D”

  1. David Ng said

    Bacon-wrapped asparagus? How original.

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