Stuff Yourself at Souplantation!

February 1, 2012

If you’re looking for a cheap all you can eat (AYCE), then consider eating out at Souplantation (aka Sweet Tomatoes). You can always find coupons for lunch or dinner online (for up to four people). They will even let each person pay separately!

Here’s the link:

Just look for the coupon that saves you the most money. Forget to print the coupon out or don’t have a printer? It’s OKAY! You can still get the deal by getting the coupon on your mobile device! Here’s a direct link to this months coupons.

Souplantation focuses mainly on fresh salads and soups, however they do have pastas and delicious desserts. My friend likes getting all the chicken from the chicken noodle soup – the chunks are huge! – so if you find your soup lacking chicken, it’s probably because my friend and I had just been there. As for me, I love getting their soups and throwing in some bacon bits, chopped onions, and some cheese.


Posted by: Daniel, Analytic/SEO


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