Should Have Known Better

February 1, 2012

My experience with Del Taco today is a testament to the fact that budget food does NOT equal good food.  Maybe I should have known better than to expect delicious food from a well known “fake” Mexican fast food joint, but I couldn’t help myself when I received coupons in my mail and of course I wanted the most fattening, filling thing on the list which happened to be the Macho Combo Burrito.

Now in my defense, the only time I ever go to Del Taco is on Thursdays when they have their 3 Chicken Soft Tacos for $2.09 deal, and personally I love me some Chicken Soft Tacos so I was expecting a bit more from this place. But what I got instead was an overly lettuce-y, ill-constructed, flat out bad burrito that I don’t even think was worth the $2 I paid for it after splitting this deal with a friend.

Thanks, Del Taco, but no thanks. I’ll be sticking to your chicken tacos and burritos from now on. And in case any of you readers are wondering, yes I did finish that entire honking burrito, followed soon after by a soggy Egg-O waffle I stuffed in my backpack before going to class. I’m not ashamed!

P.S. Has anyone tried the new Strawberry Churros from here? I know I said I’ll stick to the chicken foods, but desserts are an entirely different playing field and I’m much more adventurous in that arena 🙂 I mean, look at these babies!

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Posted by: Amy, Editor


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