Love FROYO?!?

February 1, 2012

Then don’t miss National Frozen Yogurt Day!!! Yogurtland is giving out FREE frozen yogurt on Feb. 6th!!! Yes, FREE ~ Nobody can pass on free, especially if you’re a broke college student like us :D. Offer is only valid from 4~7 pm. Hmm.. I wonder if there’s going to be a huge line at the one by University Ave? I’d think so, so go early guys!

My favorite flavor has always been plain tart, but the new mango mixer sounds ama-ZING! What’s your all time fav? Comment & share below!

Posted by: Christina, Social Media Marketing


9 Responses to “Love FROYO?!?”

  1. RossGo38 said

    wow this event looks great!

  2. Michel said

    Wow! awesome deal!

  3. Haven’t had Froyo for a month (b/c iz too COLD during winter)
    Finally get warm now, perfect match w/ the weather. YEAH!!!
    Find me there >:D

  4. Kamellow said

    O M G

  5. Xtle said

    Thanks for the news! Been dying for some froyo lately and everything is better when its free 😀

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