Calling All UCR Students!!

January 31, 2012

LIFE CAFE is stepping it up with happy hour now Monday through Friday between 3-6pm and 10pm- Midnight. They’ve done a bit of tweaking to their deals, too!
  • All cold drinks are now buy one get one FREE (compared to last year’s buy one get the second half off).
  • Also, the popcorn chicken is now $1.99 instead of $3.95. Veg/chicken/beef fried rice is now only $3.99 during happy hour instead of the normal $6.25.

WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!!? I don’t know, but I am definitely not complaining. My thighs might hate me after the over-consumption of boba that is bound to happen in the coming weeks, though.

Posted by: Crystal Xu, Editor


10 Responses to “Calling All UCR Students!!”

  1. DG said

    I got 2 large cold drinks, one popcorn chicken, and a large plate of beef fried rice during the happy hour. All of those only costed me about 10 bucks and it tastes pretty good! ENJOY!

  2. Mike said

    Tho I didnt try it before, with these attractive discounts, I must come one day..!! N ill invite my friends so that we aint wasting any FREE DRINKS..!

  3. Rachel said

    I will go for sure since the great deal is back again! I thought they only have this deal during summer time. =)

  4. Irene said

    Thanks for the info on the new deal offering from Life Cafe! I’ll definitely be dropping by soon…though my thighs will hate me as well. XD”

  5. AnDong said

    not a bad deal at all

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